FLiNG Salad Kits

Have a FLiNG with flavour! Available to buy in supermarkets now.

We are passionate about nourishing the nation with healthy, fresh convenient food. Our brand FLiNG embodies our strong belief that fresh produce can be exciting, colourful and bursting with flavour - it’s an added bonus it is naturally healthy too!

Are you ready to have a FLiNG with flavour?

Mexican Inspired Salad Kit

A mix of romaine lettuce, peppers, carrot, cabbage, red onion and curly kale with sachets of a smoky chipotle dressing, a Mexican style cheddar cheese and salted tortilla chips.

Mediterranean Inspired Salad Kit

A mix of butterhead lettuce, cabbage, rocket, radicchio and spinach with sachets of a red pepper tapenade, an Italian style medium fat hard cheese and roasted fava beans.

Thai Inspired Salad Kit

A mix of Chinese leaf, spinach, carrot, spring onion and radish with sachets of a citrus mayonnaise, a sriracha dressing and rice crackers.