Apprentice Success

Two Engineers have graduated and completed their NVQ level 3 in Engineering Maintenance.

NWF is delighted to congratulate Angela Rogers and James Moore for completing the Engineering Apprenticeship programme.  The NWF Engineering Apprentice programme was started in 2010 by Head of Engineering, Richard Sellis, after noticing a reduction of applicants coming through and the lack of good engineers available.  As a growing business with 4 sites in the area, the need for high calibre engineers is always in demand. Our vision is to develop suitable candidates into good engineers for the whole industry, not just NWF and wants our engineers to be recognised as some of the best in the industry.

Working with training provider, PETA, for the selection and assessment of candidates, the course is structured to provide a breadth of electrical and mechanical engineering experience and knowledge.  Additionally, our in-house mentors have provided essential guidance, support and health and safety training throughout the programme.

Angela was completing a mechanics course at college when she learned of this programme and decided to go for it.  After an assessment day at NWF she was accepted onto the course and has since worked across multiple sites at Natures Way Foods.  Angela says that the willingness to learn and embrace a new way of doing things along with tenacity and good problem-solving skills are key attributes to success.  Angela also had the unique experience of having time out of the course to have a baby during her apprenticeship.  She and her husband have found they’ve been able to balance the shift patterns with family life.

James was at college and not enjoying the course when he when he heard about this apprenticeship programme.  He says he was tentative to begin with but really blossomed during his second year on the course.  His confidence grew as his mentor relied on him more and more and soon he was an integral part of the team, getting on with the day job.  During 2017, the business took the decision to move the production of coleslaw from our Selsey site to our Drayton site.  James was involved in this transition, along with a project at a different site required for his course.  His PETA assessor thought his professionalism with juggling the various work commitments and course commitments was exceptional and nominated James for the “Apprentice of the Year” award.  Sadly, James didn’t win the award, but we are delighted that James’ efforts have been recognised!  James is going on now to do the level 4 Higher Apprenticeship in Engineering.

When asked what their advice would be to future candidates on this programme, Angela said to be on time and have a willingness to learn.  James said, “don’t be afraid to ask” and “don’t give up”!  This attitude to learning is the crux of the success of the programme.

We currently have engineering apprentices who are in their second year of training and look forward to the next cohort in September 2019.  If you would like more information about this course, please visit