Double-decker lorries

Double-decker lorries are good for business and great for the environment

For over a month now, NWF has been using Buffaload double-decker lorries for one of our customer’s deliveries.  We are pretty excited about these new lorries for a couple of reasons:

We are saving money.  We can’t quite fit double the number of pallets into a double-decker lorry but it’s pretty close and this means fewer trucks on the road, using less labour and less fuel.

The Buffaload lorries make a significant positive impact on the environment! We have 21 fewer vehicle movements per week which save an incredible 324,688 miles of travelling.  That’s the equivalent of 750,000 kg of carbon saved AND approximately 42 tyres per year that aren’t breaking down on the roads and washed into water systems.

The trial has been going well and we see an opportunity to introduce the double-decker transport option to other customers.  We have converted bays at 3 of our sites to accommodate the new trailers and our team are talking with other customers about using them.

A big thank you to the site logistics teams in their help getting this setup with relatively short notice. This will be the future of distribution and we want to be at the forefront of new technology to gain the advantage, both for the environment and financially!”

Phil Henshall, Transport Manager